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📖 Libraries

View Animator

ViewAnimator let’s you animate an entire view hierarchy with just one line of code. It uses delays to generate a ‘cascade’ of animations which are eye-catching when adding content to a table or collection view. It is built based on UIView animations API so it’s implementation is similar to the native solution.

GitHub: ViewAnimator


With all the new device sizes testing our applications on every combination of device and font size possible became a huge task. Sizes aims to drastically reduce this time by resizing our app to the different iOS devices available and easily change between dynamic font categories while we run the app.

GitHub: Sizes

Easy Transitions

Easy Transitions was created for a talk I gave at NSConf 2018. The concept of the library is to be able to build reusable interactive transitions in the same way that we’d use the animations API. And provide default implementations of the most common interactions that drive transitions and use them with one-line setup in our transitions.

GitHub: EasyTranstitions


As the name describes SwipeableTabBarController is a UITabBarController implementation where you can swipe between tabs interactively with different types of transitions.

GitHub: SwipeableTabBarController

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Here are some companies and projects I worked on:

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I’ve been invited as a guest to a few different podscasts and I loved each and everyone of them. I’m open to this type of collaboration so hit me up if you have an episode idea which I can participate in.

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I’m always interested in new projects, consulting or doing code review. I mostly work via Toptal.

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