👋 Hey there, I’m Marcos an iOS/Swift developer from Buenos Aires 🇦🇷
Here’s a list of the projects/companies I worked on:

📖 Open Source Libraries

View Animator

ViewAnimator let’s you animate an entire view hierarchy with just one line of code. It uses delays to generate a ‘cascade’ of animations which are eye-catching when adding content to a table or collection view. It is built based on UIView animations API so it’s implementation is similar to the native solution.


With all the new device sizes testing our applications on every combination of device and font size possible became a huge task. Sizes aims to drastically reduce this time by resizing our app to the different iOS devices available and easily change between dynamic font categories while we run the app.

Easy Transitions

Easy Transitions was created for a talk I gave at NSConf 2018. The concept of the library is to be able to build reusable interactive transitions in the same way that we’d use the animations API. And provide default implementations of the most common interactions that drive transitions and use them with one-line setup in our transitions.


As the name describes SwipeableTabBarController is a UITabBarController implementation where you can swipe between tabs interactively with different types of transitions.

👨‍💻 Experience


I’m currently working at Hirsh Group Software building music learning apps and internal tools. Check out our apps:

I was part of an amazing team for the release of the Swift 4/Xcode 9 course which included over 50 sections packed with content. We covered a wide spectrum of iOS development skills from Swift basics over to complex topics like UIKit interactive transitions, databases and networking.

We also released an iOS app that contained all the course information so the users could take the learning materials with them all the time:

I freelanced at Toptal for over 3 years working on multiple projects for different companies around the globe. I was exposed to various ways of working as well as different programming languages and frameworks. I highly recommend Toptal if you’re considering freelancing as a career path.
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This was my first development job. A software factory focused on mobile apps both Android and iOS. A great environment full of young people making their initial steps in the software development industry.

👥 Community

BA:Swiftable is an all Apple related technologies conference. 2019 marked our first edition and it was done in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We had speakers from all around the world and over 330 attendees. What makes Swiftable special is that it wasn’t just a 2-day conference but a week full of activities to fully experience the Argentinean life. Day events like tours and nightly activities in the form of dinners and parties made this event like no other.

I was one of the organizers and host alongside Josefina Bustamante and Facundo Menzella.

You can check the conference videos on our YouTube channel and the photo albums day 1 and day 2 + after party.

SwiftBA is a local meetup in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We get together once every 2/3 months at a company that opens their doors to host the event and have a night of iOS/Swift related talks, foods and drinks.

SwiftBA talks are recorded and uploaded to it’s YouTube channel. All the talks are in Spanish.

I’m currently one of the organizers alongside Pablo Villar.

🎙 Podcasts

I’ve been invited as a guest to a few different podscasts and I loved each and everyone of them. I’m open to this type of collaboration so hit me up if you have an episode idea which I can participate in.

🗣 Talks

🤝 Hire me

I’m always interested in new projects, consulting or doing code review. I mostly work via Toptal.

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